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PiggyDip is a drying agent for piglets used within the first few minutes after birth. Drying the piglets prevents them from getting cold and thereby not having the necessary energy to reach the sow´s teats. It is a well-known that building up a strong passive immunity through the maternal colostrum is of utmost importance for the survival of the piglet.

Stalosan F creates optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing in the production period, ensuring improved animal health and wellbeing and optimized feed utilization. This requires protection of the animals’ immediate environment by regular use of Stalosan F, which offers a combination of long-term and broad-spectrum effects. Stalosan F is a great alternative for the control of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, maggots, ammonia, and moisture in livestock facilities.

Our product as proven effectivity when it comes to preventing and / or controlling diseases both primary and secondary. Ideal in immuno-suppressed and exposed to either bacterial and viral diseases, or using it as a supplement to animal biosecurity program.