Stalosan F

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Stalosan F creates optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing in the production period, ensuring improved animal health and wellbeing and optimized feed utilization. This requires protection of the animals’ immediate environment by regular use of Stalosan F, which offers a combination of long-term and broad-spectrum effects.

Stalosan F® action:

• Antimicrobial • Bacteriostatic • Bactericide / Fungicide • Viricide • Sanitation • Disinfection


• Stalosan F is a great alternative for the control of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, maggots, ammonia, and moisture in livestock facilities.
• Parasites difficult to kill such as coccidian, oocysts and eggs of roundworms, such as Ascaris suum can be controlled with regular application of Stalosan F.
• Stalosan F has proven effectivity when it comes to preventing and / or controlling diseases both primary and secondary. Ideal in immuno-suppressed and exposed to either bacterial and viral diseases, or using it as a supplement to animal biosecurity program.
• It results in a weight gain for pigs, returning the investment made with Stalosan F.

STALOSAN F for Poultry

Stalosan F has many advantages in poultry productions including control of different pathogenic microorganisms and neutralization of harmful substances in bedding and air. In this way, a weekly dosage of Stalosan F several times has proven that it can control characteristic harmful microorganisms’ e.g. coccidian, salmonella, campylobacters, aspergillus and ticks. At the same time, a substantial improvement in bedding quality has been established, maintaining a loose dry bed, increasing the durability of the bedding material.

Due to practical reasons, many poultry producers find it difficult to apply Stalosan F powder once a week. That is why we have developed a completely new concept for Stalosan F, where the product is sold as granules, with a size of 3-6mm. Stalosan F is released from the granules for a long time providing an ongoing and constant protective effect. Studies have shown that one application of Stalosan F Granules underneath the bedding before the broilers are entered into the barn provides sufficient protection for the whole production rotation. At the same time, it has been proven that Stalosan F Granules were able to maintain the bedding loose and dry during the whole period.