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PiggyDip is a drying agent for piglets used within the first few minutes after birth. Drying the piglets prevents them from getting cold and thereby not having the necessary energy to reach the sow´s teats. It is a well known that building up a strong passive immunity through the maternal colostrum is of utmost importance for the survival of the piglet.

Is a mineral-based product, formulated for quick and effective drying of the newborn piglets. The product is so fluffy that animals literally sink in it. Drying is very important process, allowing piglets to save the limited energy available at birth. PiggiDip reduces the risk of chilling and is vital for their survival and growth. Research shows, that PiggiDip can reduce the preweaned mortality over 2% and is extremely cost effective. 60% less PiggiDip is need for piglet drying compare to the world leading products.


● Piglets reach teats within the first few minutes of birth.

● Piglets can suckle and acquire the passive immunity through maternal colostrum drying piglets at birth you maximize performance with higher weaning weight as well as lower preweaning mortality.

● Very easy and efficient way of drying piglets.

● Cost effective for the pig producers.